Does Jollibee Exist in America? An Expert's Perspective

In North America, Jollibee has a presence in Canada and the United States. The first Jollibee store in North America opened in the United States in Daly City, California, on June 13, 1998. As the flagship brand of Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC), the largest and fastest growing Asian restaurant company in the world, Jollibee has 70 stores in North America and 1500 stores worldwide. With its mission to spread the pleasure of eating, Jollibee has opened franchises in many countries around the world. This list only includes the Jollibee fast-food chain brand of Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) and excludes other brands owned by the company.

After openings in California and Arizona, Jollibee will open its first stores in the Tampa and Maui Bay Area. Florida and Hawaii have some of the highest concentrations of Filipinos, so it was an obvious decision for the company to open additional locations there. The existing stores in Jacksonville, Florida and on the Hawaiian island of Oahu have been very successful, and fans from outside these cities are eager to have a store in their neighborhood. In honor of the brand's arrival in Pinellas Park and Maui, Jollibee will offer an exclusive tasting for select fans at each store the day before the store opens to the public.

On opening day, Jollibee will also be giving away exclusive collectibles and fan-favorite merchandise. Fans can visit Jollibee USA's Facebook and Instagram pages for more information. The opening of Jollibee stores in the U. S.

and all over the world has been known to attract massive crowds, as fans and curious newcomers queue for hours and even days before for a chance to be among the store's first customers. At the chain's most recent opening in Chandler, Arizona, the store welcomed thousands of customers on opening day with the first customer claiming her place in line on Christmas night, camping for three days before the official opening of a new record in the U. of Jollibee. JFC is one of the largest and fastest growing Asian restaurant companies in the world, with more than 5,800 stores in 35 countries. JFC has investments in Titan Dining LP, Tim Ho Wan Pte., a business venture with award-winning chef Rick Bayless to build a Mexican fast and casual restaurant business in the United States, and a joint venture agreement to open Panda Express in the Philippines. JFC has been named the most admired company in the Philippines by the Asian Wall Street Journal for eight consecutive years and was honored as one of the “50 Fab Companies of Asia” by Forbes Asia magazine.

Now, more locals in and around Hayward and Artesia can have easier access to exclusive Jollibee offers. Delicately hand-breaded to make it crispy on the outside, with a secret marinade that makes it juicy on the inside, Chickenjoy is a fan favorite often enjoyed with a side of hot and savory sauce and complemented by Jolly sweet-style spaghetti from the chain loaded with thick slices of salted ham and hot dog. Prized for its delicious and sticky filling made with real Filipino mangoes encased in a light and crunchy crust, mango and peach pie is a perfect finish to any meal. Jollibee is now one of the largest fast-food chain brands in the world with more than 240 international branches across 21 countries including Canada, Hong Kong, Macau, Brunei, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Italy and United Kingdom. JFC has developed brands that provide delicious dining experiences to its customers around the world as part of its mission to serve great tasting food and spread joy through eating. With its aggressive expansion strategy into North America as part of its quest to be among top five restaurant companies worldwide, Jollibee is sure to bring joy to many more people around the world.

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