Is the McRib Sandwich Really Made of Ground Pork?

The McRib sandwich is a popular barbecue-flavored pork sandwich regularly sold by the international fast-food restaurant chain McDonald's. It was first introduced to the McDonald's menu in 1981, following trial marketing the previous year. The McRib consists of a restructured boneless pork burger shaped like miniature ribs, barbecue sauce, onions and pickles, served as a sandwich on a 5 ½ inch (14 cm) roll. Meat restructuring was developed by the U.

S. Army to deliver low-cost meat to troops in the field. The process was refined by a meat scientist at Natick Army Labs, Dr. Roger Mandigo, which led to the McRib burger. It is mainly composed of ground pork shoulder.

But what exactly is in this iconic sandwich? How is it made? And what makes it so delicious?To make a McRib sandwich just like McDonald's, you'll need pork, pork ribs, sandwich rolls, barbecue sauce, dill pickle, white onion, and salt. Start by grilling the pork burgers and cooking on both sides until golden brown. Then dip them in barbecue sauce allowing the excess to drain off. At the same time, heat the hoagie buns with butter. McDonald's McRib sandwich looks appetizing with glazed pork burger dipped in barbecue sauce.

On top of that, pickles and onions add freshness to the sandwich. Pork patties, onions and pickles are whipped into hoagie roll buns. Ever since it was discovered that MCD's uses a “ground pork mix” as a base for their McRib sandwiches, many have thought ground pork loin was going to be the perfect place to start. This flavor powder adds many ingredients found in the original recipe and provides the umami flavor required for a point clone of the famous seasoned ground beef. Pork starts in a vat on a pallet, which then rises into the air and pours into the grinder, where it comes out like normal-looking ground pork like you would see in any supermarket, but in a giant pile. From there, they ship them to McDonald's stores across the region for McRib fans to smear in barbecue sauce and bite into. An important secret revealed in this breading recipe is the use of a specific type of ground black pepper.

The technology used to create the McRib was cutting-edge when it was invented, said Darren Lange, OSI operations manager. It was his inspiration to shape the McRib pie like a slab of ribs. McRib pork isn't quite 100 percent pork either because the supplier adds water and a seasoning (salt, pepper, sage, rosemary extract, and dextrose). The use of the original Sweet Baby Ray barbecue sauce with two added ingredients provides the perfect mix to imitate the sauce in the “McRib”.Now you don't have to worry if your favorite McRib sandwiches aren't available at McDonald's outlet. You can make your own version at home with this easy recipe!.

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