The Delicious History of Blimpie Sub Sandwiches

For nearly 50 years, Blimpie's sub sandwich franchises have been a staple of the American landscape. Founded by two friends, Tony Conza and Peter DeCarlo, Blimpie has been serving up the best sandwiches around since 1964. Conza and DeCarlo decided to split their company in two, with Conza running Blimpie's original company and DeCarlo in control of a new company, called Metropolitan Blimpie. The following year, Blimpie opened Pasta Central, a co-branded restaurant that allowed them to make money selling pasta and pizza for dinner. Unfortunately, during this time, Subway, Blimpie's competitor, expanded rapidly across the country.

This left Blimpie in a precarious financial situation. However, despite the competition, Blimpie has managed to remain a popular choice for sub sandwiches. They have continued to innovate and expand their menu over the years. Today, they offer a variety of subs, salads, wraps, and more.

Blimpie is also committed to using only the freshest ingredients in their sandwiches. They source their meats and cheeses from local suppliers and use only the highest quality produce. This commitment to quality has helped them stay competitive in the sandwich market. Blimpie is also dedicated to giving back to their communities. They have partnered with local charities and organizations to help those in need.

They also offer discounts to military personnel and first responders. For nearly 50 years, Blimpie has been serving up delicious subs and giving back to their communities. With their commitment to quality ingredients and dedication to giving back, it's no wonder why they have remained a popular choice for sub sandwiches.

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