Can you have a hydration drip while pregnant?

With infusion therapy, you'll receive hydration, vitamins, and nutrients that will support a healthy pregnancy. Intravenous therapy is safe, fast and effective. In a short time, you will receive the nutrients your body needs to continue to grow a bit like a human and reverse the effects of dehydration. When you ask someone in an IV administration room if they use “preservative-free” solutions, they will most likely say “yes”, since they usually think that preservatives are synthetic and aggressive, such as parabens or thimerosal, a mercury-containing compound found in some vaccines.

Unfortunately, benzyl alcohol is not generally considered a preservative because it is natural and is recognized to be safe for the general population. However, benzyl alcohol isn't safe for unborn babies, newborns, or babies with low birth weight. It crosses the placenta and passes into breast milk, so even if your baby isn't the one receiving the injection or intravenous injection, he will be exposed to benzyl alcohol from infusion treatments. Yes, we offer intravenous fluids that are safe to use during pregnancy.

If you're pregnant, you're probably already taking a multivitamin complex full of vitamins and minerals to improve your health and that of your baby. Intravenous fluids that are safe for pregnancy contain the same health-promoting ingredients, such as vitamins B12, C and zinc, in a sterile solution. In addition, with an IV injection, the body absorbs more of these vitamins and minerals than it would with a tablet or pill. This also means that the IV route works faster, so that the symptoms of morning sickness decrease rapidly.

The hydration you get in a single drip from gynecology and obstetrics is equivalent to the hydration you get from drinking 1 to 2 gallons of water.

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