When Will the McRib Disappear?

The McRib has been a staple on McDonald's menus for the past 40 years, and it's a fan favorite. The sandwich consists of a seasoned boneless pork burger wrapped in BBQ sauce, then served with shredded onions and dill pickles on a homemade bun. Unfortunately, it looks like we may have to start preparing to say goodbye to this sandwich for now, but if history has taught us anything, the McRib will return. McRib's brief execution looks almost criminal.

After all, the sandwich only has fancy menus for six weeks. If this extremely limited-time deal seems absurd, it may not be that strange from a marketing standpoint. Like the Shamrock Shake, McDonald's presents the McRib for very short periods of time to wake up fans and get people excited. If the menu item could be ordered at any time of the year, the appeal could slow down (via Fansided).

We just have to hold on and hope that we can see this fan favorite come back soon. If you haven't had enough of McRibs this year, make sure to plan an expedition to your local McDonald's soon and stock up while you can. It seems that the end of this sandwich has come, and with some very apparent signs coming, we may have entered the last few weeks where we can easily catch a McRib. Move fast while you can, as we have no idea when McDonald's plans to disconnect the sandwich just so it's soon.

The McRib was first introduced to the McDonald's menu in 1981, after trial marketing the previous year. With its debut four decades ago in Kansas City (1998), McRib has remained a fan favorite in the United States and internationally. The McRib is a barbecue-flavored pork sandwich that is regularly sold by the international fast-food restaurant chain McDonald's. It was his inspiration to shape the McRib pie like a slab of ribs, despite the fact that a round burger would have been cheaper to make and serve on standard hamburger buns. When McDonald's talked about the arrival of the McRib, many Twitter users were on cloud nine, as it has been almost a year since the sandwich was last released for a limited time.

To the delight of diehard McDonald's fans, the fast food chain has announced the return of McRib. Still, some people were disappointed by the news and said they would like the fast food chain to bring back other popular items instead of the McRib. The sandwich, as well as the cultural phenomenon of chasing the McRib, were even featured in an episode of The Simpsons titled I'm Spelling as Fast as I Can. McDonald's said that “the rise of the Internet and emergence of social media” solidified McRib's icon status and “the hype” surrounding its annual return even gave rise to the phrase 'McRib season'.While many people would love for the McRib to be a permanent menu item, it doesn't seem likely to ever happen. If you have the McDonald's app, you may have received a reminder to place your McRib order shortly before it disappears.

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