Do They Have Wawa in New Jersey?

Are you wondering if there are Wawa stores in New Jersey? The answer is yes! There are currently more than 270 Wawa stores in the Garden State and over 900 stores across the East Coast. Wawa is a popular convenience store chain known for its delicious sandwiches, coffee, snacks, and drinks. In April, Wawa CEO Chris Gheysens told the Philadelphia Business Journal that the company wants to operate around 1800 locations by 2030, doubling its current number of stores. This means that more and more Wawa stores will be popping up in New Jersey and other states across the East Coast.

Currently, there are 269 Wawa stores in New Jersey and over 900 Wawa stores across the East Coast. Florida has 1 Wawa tent for every 90,624 people. Florida has about 21.5 million inhabitants, so that's one location per 32,298 people, accounting for approximately 28% of the total number of Wawa locations. In addition to Florida, there are other states with a high concentration of Wawa stores.

For example, one location per 52,040 people in Pennsylvania and one location per 88,752 people in Delaware, accounting for approximately 25% and 24% of the total number of Wawa locations respectively. On June 30th, Wawa opened another Garden State store in Egg Harbor City. This store offers gas as part of its fuel yard, like many other Wawa stores across the state. If there are 2, 3 or more Wawa stores in your city, it's because the business in general justifies it.

It's worth noting that there are 49 states and territories without a single Wawa convenience store. So if you're lucky enough to live in New Jersey or any other state with a Wawa store, make sure to take advantage of it!.

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