Who is the Voice Behind the McDonald's McRib Commercial?

Ryan Reynolds has confirmed that he is the new voice of Grimace in the McDonald's Can I Get Uhhhhhhhhhhhh commercial that aired during Super Bowl LVI. The commercial, which has been nicknamed 'quarter-pound slow-motion sex shots', features music by producer Tay Keith and voice work by Brian Cox, known for his role as Logan Roy on HBO's “Succession”. The ad speaks of the great American creation, describing every millimetre, down to sesame seeds. It also gives viewers a closer look at the three types of chicken sandwiches: classic, spicy and luxury.

Brian Cox analyzes each ingredient in the spaces of 15 seconds, in the same way that McDonald's superfans could try to describe the product if they had the accent and the cadence to achieve it. The campaign also features Laura Morgan Kelly, who plays the biker girlfriend in the upcoming McDonald's “Tennessee Stack” commercial this May as part of the new American-style food range. McDonald's tells a larger brand story in its longer chicken ads, but it also focuses on the product itself. Actor Brian Cox was hired to do the voice-overs of the fast food chain and viewers immediately noticed the intentionality of the slogan “Bah da buh buh buuuuuh”.

He also says that the new chicken sandwich comes “from the creators of a sandwich phenomenon”, a reference not to this sandwich, but to the cult favorite McRib. McDonald's agencies working on delivery and launch include Wieden & Kennedy New York and Callen in advertising, Publicis Groupe in digital marketing, OMD in payment methods, TMS in retail, Boxer in branded packaging, Alma in additional marketing support, and Golin, Burrell, Boden, IW Group and Lee Street in communications. Now that McDonald's has launched into the chicken sandwich trend in the United States with a new trio of offerings, it will begin running ads promoting the sandwich and will also thank its famous chips and McRib. From now on, you can find me at the corner table, the red one wobbly near the toy show, at the McDonald's closest to you.

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