What state is famous for pepperoni rolls?

The treatment has deep roots in the coal industry (as well as in our own state). The pepperoni roll is considered a cornerstone of culture in north-central West Virginia, an area with a large Italian population. Giuseppe Argiro, an Italian immigrant and coal miner, created this popular dish in 1927 by taking an already popular snack of pepperoni sticks and loaves of bread one step further. Argiro baked the pepperoni inside the bread, which caused the fats in the pepperoni to melt and infuse the soft bread with its spicy oil.

Needless to say, the pepperoni roll was an instant hit. Not only was it tasty, but coal miners appreciated its portability and lack of need for cooling. It could be eaten by hand, and it was often okay to eat it as leftovers a day later. West Virginia's most popular snack can be found in small bakeries across the state.

Almost 100 years after Giuseppe Argiro's famous invention, the pepperoni roll is still alive in the hearts and mouths of his fans. The compact size of the pepperoni roll and its comparatively high nutritional performance make it an ideal serving for these patrols. According to Country Club Bakery, the pepperoni roll was invented by its founder Giuseppe 'Joseph' Argiro. And there's a major league-approved pepperoni roll eating contest that takes place during the annual Three Rivers Festival.

The pepperoni roll was first sold by Giuseppe Joseph Argiro at the Country Club bakery in Fairmont, West Virginia, in 1927. Last summer, a historic landmark was placed outside the Country Club Bakery in Fairmont, West Virginia, the 94-year-old monument that still stands and claims to be the birthplace of the state's iconic pepperoni rolls. Variations of the original pepperoni roll may contain different types of cheese, peppers, or other ingredients. The military began to include a version of the pepperoni roll in one of the MREs (ready-to-eat meals) that were provided to the troops. The West Virginia Black Bears minor league baseball team has a trio of pepperoni rolls that run against each other across the field between innings.

Country Club Bakery was founded in 1927 by Guiseppe Argiro, a coal miner from the Italian region of Calabria, who is generally credited with being the first to sell pepperoni rolls. The town of Mannington, less than 15 miles from Fairmont, offers an oversized pepperoni roll at midnight on New Year's Day. Pepperoni rolls are sold at gas stations, tested in contests, and even run between innings at minor league baseball games in Morgantown.

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