How much does one liquid iv hydrate you?

When mixed with water, one serving of Liquid I, V. can be equivalent to just two or three bottles of water. Hydration Multiplier is a mix of electrolytic beverages that tastes great and does not contain GMOs, artificial flavors, gluten, dairy products or soy. Daily hydration multiplier to rehydrate during or after hard workouts, while traveling or on one of life's adventures.

Another impressive thing about Liquid IV is that your company is dedicated to giving back and environmental sustainability. Hydration Multiplier is a great-tasting blend of non-GMO electrolyte beverages that uses a specific ratio of glucose, sodium and potassium to bring water and key nutrients directly into the bloodstream faster and more efficiently than water alone. Intravenous liquid formulations are highly ineffective, underdosed and have significant sugar content. In addition to being ineffective, they are underdosed and are backed by dubious dosages of dubious health properties.

With every purchase of Liquid IV, they donate a portion to communities in need, such as those affected by natural disasters. By carrying water through your stomach while transporting sodium and glucose, the hydration multiplier increases the amount of water you absorb. Hydration Multiplier meets all SRO standards established by UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO). The hydration multiplier is a device used to increase the amount of fluid that the body absorbs.

The multiplier works by increasing the surface area of the liquid being absorbed, which allows the body to absorb a greater amount. Because it contains half the sugar (and calories) of most coconut waters, Liquid IV is the best hydration option because it contains the ideal combination of sugar and electrolytes to be most effective. They provide you with essential electrolytes and fluids, as well as vitamins that support your health and well-being, so hydration multipliers are an excellent addition to your diet. The hydration multiplier contains an optimal amount of sugar needed to help the body absorb water and electrolytes as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Liquid IV uses premium ingredients to ensure that its products are clean and simple, so that you get the hydration you need without ingredients you don't need.

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