Which of the following cooking method is considered to be the simplest among all the chinese cooking techniques?

Boiling is considered to be the simplest of all Chinese cooking techniques. This cooking method is faster than other techniques and preserves the color, texture, shape and nutrients of food. Used in many kitchens, boiling is considered to be the easiest method for cooking Chinese dishes. A quick method, the ingredients are washed and cut, then dipped in boiling water or broth.

Once they are fully cooked, drain the ingredients immediately and serve with condiments. Vegetables are the most common ingredient to prepare in this way, since you can cook them with the desired texture, hard or soft. The most commonly recreated Chinese cooking method is sautéing. It's quick and simple and allows you to add a lot of flavor.

Boiling/Boiling is undoubtedly the easiest cooking method and it also preserves the nutrients and color of the ingredients. It is mainly used for small, soft ingredients, such as leafy greens or most vegetables used in soups. Like steaming, boiling them alone does not infuse the ingredients with other flavors, but is characterized by their brightly colored freshness. To boil the ingredients, simply wash and cut them and place them in a pot of boiling water or broth until cooked.

The dishes that require more cooking time are placed in the lower layer near the boiling water, while those that require less time are placed in the upper layer. One of the most famous and familiar Chinese roasted dishes is Peking Duck, a meal that is enjoyed all over the world. Frying is done with a deep pan or fryer, a Chinese strainer with a spoon (used to hold food in a fryer and to strain food when removed from the oil) and long chopsticks. The sautéing process is used in the preparation of some Chinese medicinal herbs with the term “dry frying”.

When there are about 5 minutes left to cook, add the soy sauce and noodles, and you're good to go. The term sautéed as a translation of chao was coined in the 1945 book How to Cook and Eat in Chinese, by linguist Yuen Ren Chao. The meat is usually cleaned, seasoned and then sprinkled with cooking oil, then hung over the fire or cooked in a very hot oven. Red stew is a unique Chinese cooking technique, primarily used to cook a harder cut of meat or chicken.

Roasting is a dry cooking method used in many different Chinese foods, in which food is cooked over an open fire or in an oven. The Chinese character is recorded in inscriptions on bronze vessels from the Eastern Zhou period (771-256 BC). C.), but not in the sense of sautéing. Chinese stir-fry is generally made up of a mix of vegetables, meat and seafood and is then served with rice or noodles.

However, if you want to make meatballs, you need the dough to make the dough or the wrapper to roll over for a prefabricated and easier method. The stir-fry was brought to the United States by the first Chinese immigrants and has been used in non-Asian cuisine. Fried foods are generally used to cook raw ingredients, although they are sometimes used in partially cooked ingredients when they are too large to be fully cooked during the frying process. A quick and easy method, all you have to do is throw the ingredients in a wok and cook them over high heat for a short period of time.

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