What's Inside a McRib Sandwich?

The McRib sandwich is a popular menu item at McDonald's, but what exactly is it made of? The sandwich consists of a restructured boneless pork burger shaped like miniature ribs, barbecue sauce, onions and pickles, served on a 5 ½ inch (14 cm) roll. While McDonald's claims that the sandwich consists mainly of shoulder meat, the truth is much less appealing. It turns out that the ingredients actually consist of restructured meat products such as heart, calluses and scalded stomach. The hamburger, which contains pork, water, salt, dextrose and preservatives, is sprayed with water to prevent dehydration during the freezing process.

The McRib is made using cutting-edge technology. The meat is ground and then formed into a small rack shaped like ribs. It is then cooked in a Panini press-type machine before being served with barbecue sauce, white onions and pickles. The bun used for the McRib sandwich contains azodicarbonamide, a flour bleaching agent that is also used in gym mats, yoga mats and shoe soles.

McRib fans can rejoice knowing that the sandwich does not contain kangaroos or unicorns as some have speculated. However, it does contain some questionable ingredients that are not only terrible to eat but also contribute to the cruel torture of sweet pigs. While some may enjoy the taste of the McRib sandwich, it's important to be aware of what you're eating before you take a bite.

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