Taste the Authentic Filipino-Inspired Classics at Jollibee in Calgary

Are you looking for a place to enjoy the authentic Filipino-inspired classics? Look no further than Jollibee in Calgary! Located inside the Calgary CrossIron Mills shopping center, Jollibee offers a variety of Filipino-inspired classics, capturing the brand's unique cultural heritage and global culinary appeal. With global popularity spanning her native Asia, as well as the Middle East and Europe, Jollibee is on a mission to win new fans in Calgary, as well as other cities, as it continues its expansion across North America. Jollibee enjoys a loyal following among Calgary's Filipino community, offering the authentic taste of home, while capturing the joy, family and treasured traditions that are central to its cultural heritage. Jollibee is known for offering its customers the Philippine versions of classic American fast food.

The restaurant is open seven days a week, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., daily, and will offer indoor dining starting on opening day. If you have friends and family nearby, and the need arises to order food at a minimal and even tasty price, you can check out the latest price list on the Jollibee menu and order the food accordingly. All prices are quoted in Canadian dollars, with additional taxes.

For restaurant pickup and dining only, shuttle service and delivery are available only at select locations. Without wasting much time, let's delve into Jollibee's current menu list, as well as its respective current price tag. The most popular item on the menu is the Jollibee Chicken Bucket, which comes with 8 pieces of fried chicken and 2 sides of your choice for $19.99 CAD. This meal is served with a complimentary side dish of tasty Jollibee dipping sauce that you can enjoy with every bite. If you want something new, Jollibee also offers a variety of other Filipino-inspired dishes such as their signature Jolly Spaghetti ($7.99 CAD), Palabok Fiesta ($7.99 CAD), and Halo-Halo ($4.99 CAD). So if you're looking for an authentic Filipino experience in Calgary, make sure to check out Jollibee! With its delicious food and friendly staff, it's sure to be an enjoyable experience for everyone.

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