What is jersey mike's meat made of?

According to its website, Jersey Mike's uses top quality meats (Angus Round meat is cut and cooked directly in the store). The bread is freshly baked and, like other substores, every sandwich is ready to order right in front of you. As you'd expect from a sandwich shop, freshness is key at Jersey Mike's. The chain takes special pride in preparing all of its vegetables by hand every day for the maximum level of freshness and flavor.

According to Greg Potter, one of the company's franchisees, freshness is what makes Jersey Mike's superior to other submarines. “We bake our fresh bread every day,” he said on the company's blog. Shred the lettuce and cut the onions and tomatoes daily. There's nothing left that you can have the next day on your submarine.

The meat quality is USDA grade A. We make our own roast beef at home. It's a kind of restaurant-type substore. Talking to Jersey Mike's, Baca explained, I learned that it was called Jersey because Jersey Mike's Subs donated the money to it.

The main objective of this training is to allow new store owners to learn about Jersey Mike's corporate culture. Cancro had invested every penny in the growth of Jersey Mike's and eventually established some 35 stores on the Jersey Shore.

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