Jollibee vs McDonald's: A Comparison

When it comes to fast food, two of the most popular brands in the Philippines are Jollibee and McDonald's. But what makes them different? Mike Chen's YouTube vlog on Jollibee vs McDonald's provides some insight. According to him, McDonald's fried chicken is saltier in its chicken skin, while Jollibee Chickenjoy has just the right amount of the combination of real skin and breading, making it tastier. We plotted the locations of Jollibee vs McDonald's in Metro Manila to know exactly how their respective stores are facing.

The maps below show quite interesting patterns. The following figure illustrates the merger of the Jollibee and McDonald's branches. The percentage values shown indicate their relationships to the total number of branches of each brand in Metro Manila (for example, if there are 10 Jollibee branches and 5 McDonald's branches in a certain area, then the percentage value for Jollibee would be 50%). The map also suggests that both brands use similar strategies to “deploy their units”, in this case, their branches to stay one ahead of the other.

Have you ever noticed that for every Jollibee branch you see, there's probably a McDonald's store just a few feet away? That's not by chance. The map below identifies how close a branch is to its competitor. Grey circles mean that a Jollibee store in that specific area is within a hundred meters of a McDonald's branch. That's good news for customers looking for options but aren't interested in exploring further afield just to satiate their burger cravings. While most stores are still within critical points, there are some outliers that are isolated but still committed to competition. The next two maps show areas where distances between competing stores are relatively large, and some stores have no competition within a two-kilometer radius.

When viewed in groups, a brand seems to dominate certain points. The areas controlled by Jollibee are represented by opaque white circles, with stores in the center. Their radii are drawn to scale to indicate their distances to the nearest McDonald's store. Now, what areas has McDonald's monopolized? Take a look at the transparent yellow circles on the map below. The neighboring areas of SM North and TriNoma in Quezon City are the clown's playground, as are NAIA in Pasay City, the Santolan-Manggahan area in Pasig City and the vicinity of C5 in Taguig City.

All information presented here is based on the limited data available and is intended only for a general description of the topic. To conduct in-depth analysis, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive study. Although Jollibee stores are not clustered, McDonald's stores are less positioned and outnumbered. For the millions of Filipinos abroad, what Jollibee offers is a nostalgic taste of home at a price that most of us can swallow. The Breakfast Meal Award goes to McDonald's, as the meals served at Jollibee are already at the usual rate. Jollibee had already grown substantially since it began in 1975 as an ice cream shop in Quezon City, just outside the capital, Manila.

Jollibee and McDonald's are two of the most dominant players in the country's fast food industry. That should help Tan Caktiong in his latest mission to make Jollibee one of the top five restaurant companies in the world in terms of market capitalization. I think the reason a lot of people like Jollibee so much (minus the dirty store floors and lack of staff experience) is that Jollibee has a wide variety of foods. Jollibee serves similar options as McDonalds but with a more Filipino approach (like longganisa instead of breakfast sausage or pandesal instead of muffin), which is always a good option to have. And despite owning other chains such as Greenwich Pizza, Chowking, Red Ribbon and Mang Inasal, Jollibee has only 900 stores compared to McDonalds nearly 40,000 outlets. Earlier this year, Jollibee launched its first branch in Manhattan, New York - one of currently only 37 outlets in the U.

S. Jollibee made its first foray into flyover states earlier this month with a location in Skokie, Illinois. My favorite dish at Jollibee -the Filipino-style chicken drumstick and spaghetti N2 dish - balances these flavors with a sugary tomato sauce, generous dash of cheese and extreme flavor of chopped hot dogs and fried chicken. In conclusion, both brands offer different experiences when it comes to fast food dining. While McDonalds offers breakfast meals at an affordable price point and has more outlets worldwide than Jollibee does; Jollibee offers more Filipino-style dishes with nostalgic flavors that Filipinos abroad miss from home.

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