Is the mcrib a yearly thing?

Every year, McDonald's brings back McRibs. It was released nationwide for the first time last year. The fast food chain calls it the spiciest time of the year. This year, the mcrib returns days before National Sandwich Day, which is Wednesday.

According to McDonald's, the rise of the Internet and social media helped cement McRib's reputation as a “fast-food mecca” and the “hype” around its annual return actually helped coin the slow food term season. A McRib offer is available throughout the year for some international customers, including those in Germany and Belgium. This was introduced to menus about 40 years ago and is a meatless sandwich that includes a juicy boneless pork burger seasoned with BBQ sauce on a homemade roll from bottom to top. A McDonald's statement attributed its “icon” status to the Internet and social media along with the founding of the phrase McRib Season more than forty years ago.

A seasoned pork burger dipped in BBQ sauce, served with onions and dill pickles on a homemade roll, the McRib has been featured intermittently in restaurants for about forty years. In anticipation of McRib's domestic launch, the burger will most likely be available at the retailer this year. As the love for the savory sandwich spread on the Internet, so did new tools such as the “McRib Locator”, which opened the door to even more fans. Like the excitement of pumpkin and spice season, devoted McRib fans look forward to the limited time the savory sandwich will be available each year.

It wouldn't be a good deal for them to offer it for a certain period of the year if it were substantially higher. Although the McRib has a devoted fan base, it is likely that it will never secure a permanent place on the McDonald's menu. Some people think the McRib is an abomination of 70 ingredients, while others can't get enough of the barbecue pork sandwich. When Starbucks announced the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte two years ago, it also introduced the Teavana Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea Latte.

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