The Fascinating Story Behind Wawa's Iconic Goose Logo

Wawa is a name that has been around for more than a hundred years, but what does it mean? The answer lies in the Lenni Lenape Native American tribe, who named the rural Pennsylvania area Wawa after their favorite game: the Canada Goose. This is why the iconic Wawa mascot is a giant Canada goose, and why the company's Chief Honker will be at the Woodbridge store opening on Friday. When I visited Wawa in northern Ontario, I noticed the large goose statue just off the TransCanada Highway. Upon returning to Ottawa, I compared a photograph of the goose statue to an older postcard photo of Wawa.

To my surprise, today's goose is not the goose of yesteryear - it's the Lenape word for the Canada Goose. The reason for the goose logo is that flocking geese represent teamwork, and they take turns in the most strenuous position at the front of the herd. One of the local businessmen came up with the idea of creating a giant Canadian goose statue to call travelers when the first Wawa goose was erected. Today, although the Wawa goose is still one of Ontario's top attractions, it could use a birdbath.

The Canadian goose makes a sound similar to wawa, so it is possible that both the word ojibwa wawa and the French word l'oie are based on the honking characteristic of the goose. This is why Wawa chose a giant Canada Goose as its mascot and logo. The story behind Wawa's iconic goose logo is fascinating and inspiring. It shows how a small rural town can become an iconic symbol of teamwork and success. So next time you're in Wawa, take a moment to appreciate this unique symbol of Canadian culture.

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