The Origin of Wawa: From Folsom to Wawa

Folsom is a census-designated place in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, United States. It is part of Ridley Township and is the birthplace of the beloved Wawa brand. The name Wawa has a unique origin story, with a connection to the Native American word for Canadian goose, as well as to the location of the original dairy farm in Wawa, Pennsylvania. The first store was opened in Folsom, Pennsylvania in 1964. The store was originally called “Wawa Food Market” and was founded by George Wood.

The store was a success and soon more stores were opened in the area. The name “Wawa” was chosen by George Wood because it was the Native American word for Canadian goose. He thought it would be a fitting name for his store since it was located near a large lake where geese often gathered. The original dairy farm that supplied milk to the stores was located in Wawa, Pennsylvania.

The farm was owned by the Wood family and had been in operation since 1902. The farm supplied milk to the stores until it closed in 1992. Today, Wawa is a beloved convenience store chain with over 800 locations across six states. It is known for its fresh food offerings, friendly customer service, and its iconic goose logo. The original Wawa store in Folsom may be gone, but its legacy lives on in the hearts of its loyal customers. From its humble beginnings in Folsom to its current success, Wawa has come a long way.

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