Does North Jersey Have Wawa? A Comprehensive Guide

Wawa is a popular convenience store and service station chain based in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. It has become a cultural touchstone in Pennsylvania, and is now expanding its presence throughout northern and central New Jersey. With more than 750 stores in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Florida, Wawa is quickly becoming a household name. The good news for Hudson County is that a new Wawa will arrive in North Bergen on May 26, located at 7408 Tonnelle Avenue.

This location will hand out free coffee throughout the day and a free t-shirt for the first 100 customers, as well as hosting a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 9 in the morning. The North Bergen Wawa will be about eight miles from Hoboken, about eight miles from Jersey City and five miles from Manhattan. It is the second of at least five new Wawas planned for this year in New Jersey. The company was recently opened in Chesterfield, with Egg Harbor City, North Bergen and Vineland next up.

However, opening dates have yet to be announced. Morris, Union, Sussex, Middlesex and Monmouth counties are scheduled to gain additional outposts in Wawa. News of the proposal to open the country's northernmost Wawa in Frankford comes as a QuickChek location is being built across the street from Chatterbox. There are currently more than 270 Wawa stores in New Jersey and more than 900 stores across the East Coast.

The chain store is popular for its sandwiches, coffee, snacks and beverages. As we have been reporting, Wawa continues to expand its presence throughout northern and central New Jersey. The convenience store has already proposed new locations in communities such as Newark, Dover, East Hanover, Jersey City and Roselle Park earlier this year, and now even more could come to the Garden State. While many of the planned new stores will be located between Virginia and Florida, there are already plenty of new stores on the cards for New Jersey. That's because, as reported by the New Jersey Herald, the new store and gas station would replace The Chatterbox Drive-in, which is one of Sussex County's most popular restaurants. In recent years, the exclusive convenience store offering all types of food, coffee beverages, fuel and more has expanded from the Jersey Shore to the entire state.

Wawa continues to grow with three new locations planned for New Jersey and two more pending approval. Plainfield will also get a new store this fall. So if you're looking for a convenient place to get your favorite snacks or drinks while you're out and about in North Jersey or anywhere else in the state - you know where to go!.

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