When is the McRib Coming Back in 2020?

McDonald's announced on Thursday that its iconic barbecue sandwich, the McRib, will be returning to participating restaurants across the country in November. For a limited time, regular McRib customers and first-timers alike can soon join in on the magic of the McRib with its seasoned boneless pork wrapped in smoky, tart barbecue sauce, topped with shredded onions and sour pickles. The McRib made its national debut at McDonald's in 1982 and has since become one of the most anticipated limited-time menu items offered worldwide. The McRib has been a fan favorite for decades, but it has only been available in certain markets.

This led to the invention of the McRib Map Locator, which allows customers to find out where they can get their hands on a McRib sandwich. In a year of disappointment and canceled events due to the coronavirus pandemic, the McRib continues to return. The McRib is a classic sandwich that has been around for decades and is still beloved by many. It is made with seasoned boneless pork, barbecue sauce, onions and pickles in a sandwich-style bun.

The combination of flavors makes it a unique and delicious meal that is sure to satisfy any craving. McDonald's has been offering the McRib for a limited time each year since 1982. This year, it will be available from November until supplies last. So if you're looking for a delicious meal that will bring back memories of childhood, then make sure to get your hands on a McRib before it's gone!.

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