McRib is Back Nationwide: Get Ready for the Limited-Time Menu Item

McDonald's is bringing McRib to restaurants across the country starting Monday, and it's time for McRib lovers to rejoice! For a limited time, fans of the exclusive barbecue pork sandwich can grab it starting in November. Every October or November for the past few years, the same headlines appear when McDonald's McRib reappears in select locations across the country. The only clue to McRib's return was a teaser tweet asking followers to activate their notifications for the “biggest announcement”. The McRib returns from time to time, but is usually only available in select locations, making it difficult for everyone to have the opportunity to order it.

The main reason McDonald's will never make the McRib a permanent fixture is the thrill of having a limited-edition menu. For a limited time, McRib regulars and “first-timers” across the country can soon join the magic of McRib with seasoned boneless pork wrapped in smoky, tart barbecue sauce, topped with shredded onions and sour pickles. McRib's marketing strategy brings together the appeal of exclusivity, scarcity and seasonality in one tasty package. Like many discontinued items at fast food chains, the McRib has appeared for limited periods in select locations over the years. McDonald's said that the “rise of the Internet and the emergence of social media solidified McRib's icon status and “the hype surrounding its annual return even gave rise to the phrase 'McRib season'.

The McRib made its national debut at McDonald's in 1982, and today it's one of the most anticipated limited-time menu items offered worldwide. The McRib, seasoned boneless pork, barbecue sauce, onions and pickles in a sandwich-style bun, was first released regionally in Kansas City, Kansas, in 1981 before its national debut the following year. McRib's popularity could drive even greater sales growth, although a resurgence in Covid-19 cases could hinder McDonald's recovery. For those who have never tried a McRib before, or for those who just want a little reminder, it's a sandwich that includes seasoned boneless pork and soapy with acidic and smoked barbecue sauce. The McRib began as a regional offering after its debut in Kansas City, Kansas, in 1981, before its international launch. McDonald's is bringing back its beloved McRib nationwide this November! The iconic sandwich is made with seasoned boneless pork wrapped in smoky, tart barbecue sauce and topped with shredded onions and sour pickles.

It's one of McDonald's most anticipated limited-time menu items offered worldwide. So don't miss out on your chance to get your hands on this delicious sandwich before it disappears again!.

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