What Does McDonald's McRib Taste Like? An Expert's Perspective

The McRib is a pressed rib meat pie of questionable origin that has been around for decades. It's a little disconcerting how soft and loose it is, but it has a nice meaty flavor once you manage to pick it out of the otherwise busy sandwich. The rib burger tastes more like pork than many fast food meats, and it complements very well with barbecue sauce, which is different from the regular dipping sauce, a little spicier, less sweet and more spicy and smoky. When the McRib is in the restaurant and ready to be prepared, it is cooked in a Panini press type machine.

As most Americans have known for decades, a true McRib has no bones at all, whether from God, from a pig, or from Adam himself. It was well seasoned and very juicy, with a little more flavor at lunchtime because of the ingredients and the barbecue sauce. It looked like a generic BBQ sauce, with pickles and onions that added a nice crunch. In short, it was a medium flavored sandwich.

I'm not sure what this thin pork brick would taste like without the shellac of the sticky, sour sauce, and I'm not sure I want to know. If you like Big Macs, you'll love this snack wrapper that tastes exactly like the world's most famous burger. So what does a McRib taste like? Well, in a way worthy of a conceptually advanced Frankenstein food that has been designed to exist, it's not terrible. Legions of McRib fans have been begging the fast-food chain to bring the menu item nationwide for years, but with little success.

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