Is it called a hoagie or a sub?

Pennsylvanians, those in Philadelphia in particular, have their “sandwiches.” A sandwich is just a substitute: the Oxford English Dictionary literally defines it as an “underwater sandwich,” but the people of Pennsylvania have insisted on making it their own. A hoagie is a bagel sandwich filled with cold meats, cheese, toppings and toppings, and is usually at least six inches long. The term “hoagie” is most commonly used in Philadelphia and South Jersey, and has several possible origin stories. The northern half of the state calls it submarine and the southern half calls it a sandwich.

The other day, one of our wonderful sponsors, Jersey Mike's Subs, brought a bunch of submarines for the staff. He stated that a sandwich is different from a sandwich, since he described exactly what I always called a sandwich and he calls a sandwich. If you're hungry for sandwiches, make these balsamic meat sandwiches from Taste of Home part of the National Breading Day celebrations.

Tristan Gagliardo
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