The Power of Jollibee's Message: A Look at the Impact of the Global Brand Campaign

In the future, when we look back on the pandemic, what will be our version of the story? This is the question that lies at the heart of Jollibee's first global brand campaign, developed by BBH Singapore. The campaign reinterprets the brand's slogan “Joy of the Family” in the context of the current pandemic. When the pandemic hit, no one was prepared for the sudden and drastic changes it brought to our lives. It was a difficult and frightening time, but it was also a time when we realized what mattered most to us: our families.

From spending every waking hour together in lockdown to long video calls across continents, our families were what helped us get through it all. Recently, there has been a lot of buzz about Jollibee's latest commercial. This time, there is no mascot dancing with its iconic moves, but stories of ordinary people that everyone can relate to. One such story is entitled “Vote” and follows a man who falls head over heels in love with “the one” and promises to make her happy no matter what.

But in the end, Jollibee gives it a twist that no one expected, leaving viewers with an emotional and heartbreaking message: that sometimes we can love someone without getting anything in return. This commercial is just one example of how Jollibee has been able to touch the hearts of Filipinos. The company also launched its campaign on Valentine's Day to share stories of love and hope for those going through similar experiences. This strategy has helped make Jollibee one of the leading fast-food chains in the Philippines.

JolliSavers meals are available for dinner, takeout, delivery and self-service transactions at all Jollibee stores nationwide. The company's motto for these short films is “Have faith in love” and each episode builds on that faith (in love and in Jollibee). The three-minute film was created by BBH Singapore and directed by New York director Law Chen via Stink Shanghai. It takes the form of a message from the future from an older man who recalls his experience in a Philippine migrant family in the U.

S.Jollibee shares an important message: that children who are exposed to love, care, happiness, affection, respect and generosity tend to grow up naturally giving those same blessings to others. In her recent online video, Jollibee collects scenes of parents and children coming together through Jolly Spaghetti to show how quality time with family plays an important role in a child's formative years. Released on May 16th, this film is part of Jollibee's new Family Thanksgiving Month initiative which encourages everyone to appreciate and thank their families. Michele Borba recently visited the country to hold her highly anticipated “Unselfie” talk at SM Aura and honor the Jollibee Pioneer branch to launch brand promotion. BBH Singapore's first advertising campaign for Philippine food brand Jollibee takes us to the future by looking back on the impact of the global coronavirus pandemic. Moving away from its usual campaigns, this film takes a bleak yet realistic tone as it records a nostalgic and emotional story of a migrant Filipino family based in the U.

S.Head to your nearest Jollibee branch today and treasure those simple family moments with Jolly Spaghetti, 'the Sweet Saya na Di Malilimutan'. That lovely smell comes from Jollibee, a popular fast-food restaurant in the Philippines (where its headquarters are located). Investment, Jollibee worked with brand agency Ico Design Partners, architecture firm Applied Studio and market research firm Jigsaw Research to reimagine Jollibee for its U. S.When it comes to advertising their products, Jollibee won't be forgotten anytime soon thanks to its impressive dance moves from its mascot Jollibee who swings with its original and lively rhythm.

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