Can i use my blackstone flat top grill on an electric stovetop or oven?

Will you end up with the same results doing all your barbecues indoors as if you had done them outdoors? Yes and no. I know it's annoying to hear that, but listen for a second and I'll explain why. You're still grilling a good amount and most of your meats and vegetables will be roasted to perfection when you want them to be. Yes, you can use a grill freely in an electric cooker.

However, this will work best if the griddle is made of cast aluminum. That was your complete guide to understanding if you can use an iron on an electric stove. The answer is yes, you can, but you have to be careful and follow the right guidelines to use it correctly. Keep in mind that using the iron in the electric cooker is just as efficient as using it outdoors.

In Cast Iron&Middot Homelife&Middot Kitchen Tips&Middot Recommendations The links below can be affiliate links, meaning I earn a small compensation at no additional cost to you. View my full disclosure policy here. I've been using cast iron skillets for years, but I had stopped using a large griddle because I already had an iron that worked pretty well. The thing is, however, that the griddle is made of cast aluminum, and whether you think I should use cast aluminum or not, it doesn't change the fact that I was missing out on the advantages of cast iron every time I used it.

When I started using the cast aluminum griddle every morning for breakfast, I knew that the time had finally come to make the change. As someone who has problems with low iron levels, I didn't want to miss out on the iron added to our eggs every morning. Do you have an iron deficiency? According to the CDC, it's the most common nutritional deficiency). When I mentioned using a cast iron griddle in my glass stove on Facebook, there were conflicting answers.

I knew I wanted to try it for myself. And of course, share the results with you. On the Lodge website, they write that their cast iron griddle is safe for glass-topped stoves. Just don't slide or drop it too hard.

The griddle has a flat top on one side and a skillet on the other side. The iron has some drawbacks, though none significant enough that you don't want to use it. Lodge pans are already seasoned, meaning you only need to focus on their overall maintenance. They're ready to use as soon as you buy them.

Lodge 20 inch x 10 inch reversible griddle The only cast iron cookware I prefer to use is my CLUB brand square pancake grill with long handle. No ribs and only cooked on one side. It is very flan, but the lower part has a ridge that is placed over the stove (if it is made of electric glass) or on the grilles of the gas stove. Then there is a gap between the other ridge and the bottom of the iron, which is actually above the “burner”.

I'm wondering if the empty area at the bottom is a problem on the glass cooktop. This is different from most of the irons I see, although the one you show has an edge on the flat part that is placed on the stove. But the flat cooking surface would not lie directly on the stove. I prefer the cast iron griddle for a very good reason, it doesn't warp when heated.

Have you used this type of iron in the electric glass stove? (By the way, your stove looks a lot like my double oven stove with glass top. So is my stove safe with my square iron or not? Yes, you are right that cast-iron pans weigh 26%, so there is a high chance that the electric plate will be damaged. However, few brands also make thin enameled cast iron pans for stoves with glass lids. You can include them in your article.

Thank you for such a nice article. Check out the high-quality line of American-made flat surface grills and grills for your home stove at Steelmade USA. To get a smooth and flat stove, avoid sliding it or dropping it hard, as this could damage the stove.

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