Everything You Need to Know About HotBox by Wiz Khalifa

HotBox by Wiz Khalifa is a virtual restaurant created by Nextbite, the only company that helps neighborhood restaurants thrive by using their existing kitchens to bring you even more delicious options. Famous stoner and musician Wiz Khalifa has launched a food concept aptly nicknamed HotBox, which is paired with his marijuana brand Khalifa Kush. The virtual food delivery service, called HotBox by Wiz, is now available across the country. Cannabis for HotBox is sourced from the Northern California Bay Area by Colorado-based grower RiverRock Cannabis and is apparently the only herb Wiz smokes.

If you want to smoke what Wiz smokes in the studio, this indica-trend hybrid is definitely worth buying. If you're going to order something from the HotBox menu, I suggest you try the full bowl, but in terms of which menu item tastes the best, it's hard to beat the Blazed OG Cheetos Burger. HotBox wings match the kind of flavor of quality and depth you'd find in a WingStop or Buffalo Wild Wings. Created in collaboration with virtual restaurant brand NextBite, HotBox by Wiz Khalifa is a virtual home delivery restaurant that is currently available in Miami, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York City, Houston and more, and is actively expanding to other cities across the country.

Presented as a package of greatest hits from the entire HotBox menu, a bed of potatoes is bathed in a blanket of macaroni and sauce and cheese drizzled with the same spicy buffalo sauce used on the wings, accompanied by crispy pieces of fried chicken and a little hot Cheeto powder sprinkled on top of everything. Whether you enjoy life on high, have a general fondness for midnight cravings, or just a fan of the superstar rapper, HotBox by Wiz Khalifa is perfect for everyone. If you adjust your expectations to fast-food levels, you may be pleasantly surprised.

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