Wawa: A Popular Convenience Store Chain in Florida

Wawa is a popular convenience store chain that has been serving customers in Florida for many years. With more than 65 million customers served each year, it's no wonder why Wawa is so popular. The company employs over 4,000 people in the state and offers a wide range of products, from freshly made Sizzlis breakfast sandwiches to healthier options like fair-trade coffee and bean bowls. In addition to its presence in Florida, Wawa is also expanding into other states.

The company is on a mission to cover downtown Philadelphia with Wawa stores and has announced a Super Wawa for Northeast Philadelphia. Wawa is also looking for sites to expand into the Northwest Florida market. The convenience stores are renowned for their customer service, scrupulously clean bathrooms, decent gas prices, free air for their tires, and free ATMs. Wawa is also very active on social media, responding daily with jokes and offers for gifts and coupons from Wawa and helping to build community.

One of the reasons Wawa is so popular with consumers is its fresh food. The stores offer a wide selection of pre-packaged foods and pastries for breakfast, all fresh and relatively inexpensive. Convenience Store News recently honored Wawa with its Retail Innovator of the Year award for its adoption of in-store technology, online ordering and app features. Wawa's arrival in South Florida is good for consumers because it will force other retailers to do so, Longo said.

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