How much does it cost to own a panda express?

This is the initial fee that must be paid when opening a Panda Express. This cost is in addition to the initial franchise fee and any other necessary costs associated with opening a Panda Express franchise. In 1983, the first Panda Express opened at the Glendale Gallery, after Panda Inn began to thrive. Explore this franchise opportunity to better understand the specific costs that are required to own a Panda Express, such as territorial fees, lease improvement costs, pre-opening advertising, and purchasing equipment.

When it comes to opening a Panda Express franchise, the design and construction of the store are by far the most expensive cost. In addition, Panda Express may offer promotions or discounts on certain products or services, which can also help reduce the cost of inventory. The salary of the owner of a Panda Express franchise can be up to 15% of sales and even more in the best-performing locations. This cost will vary depending on the size of the restaurant and the type of furniture and accessories you choose.

According to its FDD, Panda Express expects that most of its franchises will operate in “captive locations” under license agreements, such as airports, hospitals, casinos and other similar facilities. In this era of changing landscape, Panda Express presents and works on the dishes that made it flourish, and it seems that they know exactly who they are. In fact, given the high initial investment of a Panda Express franchise, one possible implication is that it could have a high operating cost, which could even affect the high gross sales of Panda Express. Panda locations operate in “captive locations”, such as airports, hospitals, casinos, and other similar locations.

Today, Panda Express has more than 1900 restaurants, 50 in U.S. states. USA and more than 2500 points of sale in Canada, United Arab Emirates, Korea and Mexico. The franchisee's specific salary and the profits of a Panda Express franchise will depend on a variety of factors.

Opening a Panda Express franchise requires significant investment in technology, from point-of-sale (POS) systems to online ordering systems. Panda Express has earned the credit of pioneering this popular Chinese-American dish, and variations of this dish are served in Chinese-American restaurants. Yes, most of its revenues come from royalties, and this could be due to the fact that Panda Express charges a relatively high royalty rate of 8% compared to the franchise average of 6%.

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