Can You Use a McDonald's Reward and Deal at the Same Time?

Yes, you can use a McDonald's reward and deal at the same time, but only one per person. Unlike Wendy's, which allows customers to combine an offer and a reward, McDonald's requires customers to choose one or the other. A rewards program is not necessary for the operation of the application, or even for the function of placing an order at McDonald's. You can redeem rewards with contactless mobile orders in the McDonald's app by selecting Rewards, choosing the favorite you want to redeem and selecting “Add to mobile order”.

Unfortunately, McDonald's offers a ton of great deals, including buy one get one free, discounts on full items and orders, and the occasional gift. To redeem them in-store or on Drive Thru, select rewards and choose the item you want to redeem. Then choose “Use in restaurant” to get the 4-digit code that you can provide to the crew before you start ordering. When redeeming it, provide the 4-digit reward code (found in the Rewards tab), which will help you redeem your free item and earn points for the products you purchase.

Even if there is a long line of people who have the same idea of how convenient it would be to use a reward and deal at McDonald's, there is another option. We don't eat at McDonald's very often, but as parents of young children, it's inevitable that we'll eat there sooner or later. Sure, I know that most people just break through, thinking, Hey, if McDonald's wants to give me rewards, I'm OK with that.

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