What is the Most Popular Sub Sandwich in America?

The Grilled cheese is the best sandwich in the United States, according to a YouGov survey that asked a representative sample of 1,223 people to give their opinion on their favorite sandwich option. The French fall scored 46% on the YouGov sympathy scale, with almost half of the respondents enjoying this sandwich style. Sandwiches from Subway also had a favorable opinion among 56% of the people surveyed. And with Subway's upcoming Beyond Meat submarine, there will soon be more ways than ever to enjoy this option.

Surprisingly, egg salad sandwiches made an unlikely 12th place appearance on the YouGov ranked list, with a 64% approval rating. Just above the egg salad, with a 64% approval rating, is the tuna sandwich. Simple but classic, you can't go wrong and bonus points if you upgrade it to a tuna melt. Even those who don't have strong opinions about southern barbecue can support the shredded pork sandwich, which got 65% approval from YouGov respondents.

There's not much that isn't best done with bacon, and sandwiches are no exception. The crispy, salty meat is perfect for club sandwiches or breakfasts, so it's no surprise that it won the OK of 67% of respondents. With nearly 50,000 locations worldwide, Subway is the largest fast-food chain in terms of number of locations. Some may have their reservations due to its size, but since many sandwich lovers agree that this is a good place to grab some snacks, you shouldn't hesitate to try it.

It is most often praised for its ability to customize its offerings, allowing diners to get exactly what they want in their sandwiches. People may have mixed opinions about most of the items on this list, but not about Potbelly. Almost everyone who tried it will agree that they offer some of the best snacks out there today. Their sandwiches are Chicago-style, offering a meat-centric menu.

Their hits contain multi-meat ingredients, and many diners think that their offerings can't be found anywhere else. A good sandwich is as American as apple pie, generating dozens of interpretations and regional variations from New York City to Nebraska. Here are the 98 most iconic sandwiches in the United States and the perfect place to try them: Thundercloud Subs in Austin, Texas. Founded in 1975, Thundercloud has grown to locations in a dozen cities in Central Texas and is proud of its fresh bread, ingredients and ThunderSauce.

The Turkish Delite is one of their signature sandwiches and can be a lighter and more refreshing change from a stack of cheeses and sausages. It contains turkey, avocado, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, sprouts, olives and hummus (or cream cheese). You've prepared some amazing dishes but when it comes to sandwiches they're a little lacking in comparison to other parts of the world. The Ten Best Sandwiches in the U.

S. UU. It definitely includes some peanut butter and jellies which isn't too surprising. This American sandwich is iconic from the moment children find it in their lunch boxes to the moment an adult prepares it as a midnight snack.

There is something about the way peanuts attach to jelly especially grape jelly as is classic that makes this sandwich so delicious. The club sandwich is another American staple and no matter where you order it its ingredients and layers stay exactly the same. Believe it or not the club sandwich in its purest form is simply a double-layer BLT; The name 'club' comes from 'Chicken and lettuce under bacon' according to Far and Wide. Tuna can be dressed in a variety of ways but classically it's served like any other sandwich in the U. Interestingly however tuna is another sandwich option that most people love or hate according to Far and Wide it's like approximately 69% of the population which represents more than half but not enough to make it the most popular option. Who doesn't like bacon with lettuce and tomato? The BLT really is just an excuse to put bacon on top of a sandwich and we love that. You would think that BLT would be the most popular sandwich in the country considering how much bacon is loved in the U.

So much so that it even comes covered in chocolate yet it's actually quite medium on the list. There's something delicious about a roast beef sandwich that's brimming with juicy meat and sandwiched between layers of horseradish sauce which is a classic for this sandwich while you can't underestimate the delight of roast beef horseradish is truly the most exciting thing of all. It is most popular in the southern half of the U. Go figure out of all the sandwiches that could be eaten in the U. It leads one to wonder if sandwiches are liked by Americans considering that grilled chicken is pretty much its own main course just sandwiched between two slices of bread. It's likely that this sandwich has become popular thanks to fast food chains that have given it its reputation. Of course there's only one grilled cheese This is by far the most popular sandwich in America Some would say it's too boring to be number one while others might disagree.

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