What is the Best-Selling Fast Food Chain in the US?

McDonald's is the undisputed leader in the fast food industry. Despite the scandal involving its former CEO, the company managed to sell significantly more than its peers, earning almost twice as much as the second largest fast-food chain, Starbucks. When you can't go to a local bagel shop, Sbarro is best known for its large slices of pizza found in every court of shopping malls. Shake Shack has become an international megachain, so it's no surprise that it's on the list of the 50 most popular fast food spots. Of the first fifteen, all chains are American brands.

The most surprising thing is that all these fast food chains are Western cuisine. Most of them specialize in sandwiches and burgers. Taco Bell is only Mexican-inspired and, in fact, sells American food. Two, Starbucks and Dunkin', are coffee shops. Only Orange Julius is a chain of fruit drinks stores and Baskin Robbins is an ice cream chain.

McDonald's is the largest fast-food restaurant chain in the world and one of the best-known brands. The company has more than 39,000 locations in about 100 countries. A pioneer in the fast food industry, McDonald's has maintained steady and moderate growth through affordable prices, fast service and the constant expansion and updating of its menu offering. The American Customer Satisfaction Index published its list of the best fast food restaurants, and Chick-fil-A took the first title for the seventh consecutive year. The COVID-19 pandemic caused many restaurants, both seated and fast-food, to adjust their services, such as offering takeout and delivery options. McDonald's popularity is unwavering and the chain remains the nation's most popular fast-food destination based on sales across the system. It has company-owned and licensed stores around the world, and sells specialty drinks, such as coffees and teas, along with fresh food.

Of the fast food venues, also known as limited-service restaurants, Chick-fil-A ranked first with a score of 83 out of 100. Starbucks also sells branded items outside of its stores, such as roasted whole beans and ground coffees, including Seattle's Best Coffee; single-serve products from the Starbucks and Teavana brands; and ready-to-drink beverages such as Frappuccino. Chipotle Mexican Grill is one of the most successful chains selling simple, fast and informal Mexican food, specializing in burritos, tacos, bowls and similar dishes. Without further ado, these are the fast-food chains that Americans frequented the most during 2020. According to Technomic's latest annual report on top 500 fast food chains in the US, McDonald's remains at the top spot with Chick-fil-A coming in second place.

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