Can i use my blackstone flat top grill on an rv or boat?

Instead of using one-pound propane cylinders, we have an extension hose that connects the Blackstone grill to a portable propane tank. With a long extension hose, I could connect the iron to my motorhome's propane system. Many of the iron enthusiasts in the Blackstone Facebook groups (yes, there are several) advise beginners to skip the 28-inch Blackstone iron and immediately head to the 36-inch iron. They'll give you the ideal Blackstone flat surface grill for you, at which point you can start making up for lost time with the best-known griddle in the U.S.

UU. However, the real action takes place in the sturdy steel plate of the flat surface grill, which effectively channels heat over and over again, no matter what you're cooking. And as surprising as it may seem, I love a good steak in my Blackstone just as much as one cooked over an open fire on the grill. If you frequently clean your Blackstone flat surface grill and keep it seasoned and covered when you don't use it, it's much less likely to rust.

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