Are there any special tools or accessories that can help me get the most out of my blackstone flat top grill?

Accessory tools for Blackstone irons Start with two oversized spatulas that are perfect for flipping hamburgers, pancakes or onions. You'll be whipping and submerging in no time with this commercial-grade stainless steel tool kit for Blackstone grills. This set includes two long stainless steel spatulas, a stainless steel spatula, two bottles for squeezing sauces and a recipe book for ironing. The grilling tools in this kit will allow you to test your grilling skills and impress everyone at your next outdoor meal.

Cooking the best grilled meals requires good quality tools, and this 5-piece Blackstone set is one of the best you'll find. The kit starts with two spatulas, one for flipping hamburgers and the other is a traditional-sized spatula. The Blackstone griddle accessory kit also includes 14 tongs, an elegant meat fork and a serving spoon. Each tool has a beautiful wooden handle.

This accessory kit also makes a great gift. The two spatulas alone are worth the price of this kit. Because of its versatility and how easy it is to clean your flat surface grill with it, I would dare to say that if you could ONLY buy ONE flat surface grill accessory, this would be it. This is especially useful when you're frying food with a shallow depth on a flat top, such as fried steak or fried pickles, and you want to add additional oil for perfect frying, but you don't want the oil to get on top of what you're frying and getting soggy.

You'll most likely use at least one spatula for approximately 90% or more of the food you cook on the flat surface grill, so you need to use a good spatula. Opinions about which flat surface grill accessories are a must for outdoor grilling will vary greatly depending on who you ask. Simply place the wire rack in the coldest area of your flat surface grill and place food that is ready to cook on top. From covers to table scrapers, to squeezable bottles and melting domes, it can be too much (and expensive) to figure out what it really takes to grill with a flat top.

I have put together a list of more than 20 Blackstone accessories that go well with a flat surface Blackstone iron. The wind blows the flames under the griddle, causing uneven cooking as the temperature of the flat surface decreases. A table scraper, sometimes referred to simply as a “scraper”, is another essential accessory for a flat top grill. But I have been using my flat surface grill for more than a year and have cooked at least 100 different dishes using these accessories alone. If you're new to the world of outdoor griddle boards, you might be overwhelmed by the number of flat surface barbecue accessories you have at your disposal.

Cleaning the grill may not be the most fun part of an outdoor meal, but thankfully, the Blackstone iron cleaning kit can help speed up the process; in fact, it makes it a satisfying task. When deciding which spatulas to buy for your flat surface grill, you'll need to determine which ones best suit your hands, as you're going to be using them very often. The flat grill lid is probably the most expensive accessory you'll ever buy, but squeezable bottles are definitely the cheapest. The only thing I don't like about the Camp Chef flat surface grill is that the built-in side tables are practically unusable.

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