Are there any gluten-free options at fast food restaurants in uniontown, pa?

Gluten-Free Restaurants in Uniontown, PA · 1.In addition, the fast food chain offers gluten-free grilled chicken nuggets and applesauce with mixed fruits on its children's menu. The growing popularity of the gluten-free diet has meant that even fast food restaurant chains, which tend to have menus quite full of gluten, are joining the bandwagon and offering more options for those who have celiac disease or are not sensitive to gluten. Chick-fil-A offers the best list of gluten-free products of all fast food restaurants, including a wide variety of menu options and provides the ingredients for each of them, so that people with additional food allergies or intolerances can determine what is safe for them to eat. This is another restaurant that fits more into the casual dining category than the fast food category.

It's such a popular dish (for both gluten lovers and Atkins lovers) that the fast food restaurant chain includes it in its secret menu. This fast food chain, famous for its potato rolls (which contain gluten), also offers its hamburgers in gluten-free rolls in all locations, except stadiums and baseball stadiums. Sonic shakes, which come with a wide variety of toppings, may be a better reason to go to the self-service fast food restaurant. Many celiac or gluten-sensitive people choose Wendy's as their first choice when looking for a gluten-free fast food restaurant.

However, it's important to note that, just like in any working kitchen, cross-food contact cannot be ruled out, so we can't guarantee that our other foods are gluten-free. Here's an overview of the main fast and casual restaurant chains and their gluten-free menu options, with the most accommodating chains listed first, in alphabetical order. If you like fresh seafood and are looking for a more exclusive restaurant (faster and more casual than fast food), you'll love Bonefish Grill's gluten-free menu, almost all seafood dishes are gluten-free by nature. However, unlike Chick-fil-A (and like most fast food restaurants), Arby's prepares its French fries with the same oil that it cooks gluten-containing foods, so Arby's French fries and potato pies aren't safe.

Closing the gap between a chain of fast food restaurants and a casual dining restaurant, Chipotle Mexican Grill offers a wide variety of options for people with celiac or gluten sensitivity. Not all fast and casual food chains offer great options for gluten-free eaters — inevitably, some are better than others.

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