Who Won the Ultimate Chicken Sandwich Contest?

The search for the best fried chicken sandwich is over! On August 24th, the Home Experts For You real estate team crowned the winners of the Ultimate Conshohocken Chicken Sandwich contest. Southern Cross Kitchen was the overall winner and Bar Lucca won the highest judges' score. Chick-fil-A was crowned for having the best chicken, Popeyes won for the best sandwich, and Wendy's took home the best chicken sandwich overall. This year's competition was fierce, with most of the major chicken chains vying for the number one spot.

The crispy chicken sandwich taco from Taco Bell almost signaled that the chicken war was over. McDonald's, KFC, and Burger King all threw their hats into the ring with new versions of their own. Chick-fil-A's performance suffered in comparison to these new contenders. The only ingredient that helps take the whole sandwich to the next level is its thick pickles.

Increased demand from restaurants and consumers is driving up prices for chicken, especially with breasts and wings, making it difficult to find supply. If Taco Bell is able to convince adventurers to give them a chance, they have the opportunity to get that same new customer to try out their other offerings in the hope that they will turn them into repeat customers. The Ultimate Conshohocken Chicken Sandwich contest has come to a close, and now we know who won! Southern Cross Kitchen was crowned as the overall winner and Bar Lucca won the highest judges' score. Chick-fil-A, Popeyes, and Wendy's all took home awards for their delicious offerings.

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