Does all crystal light have aspartame in it?

Aspartame is the main sweetener used as a sugar substitute or alternative to sugar. And they're not diluted light drinks, either, but drinks you'd be proud to serve at your next meeting. The calorie content of the four main varieties of Crystal Light ranges from zero to 40 calories per package. The best option to hydrate is natural or naturally flavored water, leaving Crystal Light as an occasional option.

In a crowded market where sales of diet soda are stalling (through Marketplace), Crystal Light remains a popular choice among its fans. At the time, Beverage Daily reported that Kraft had already successfully started using stevia in other products (such as Odwalla shakes) and decided to switch to Crystal Light as well to attract consumers who wanted sweet-tasting foods and drinks, but who wanted to avoid artificial sweeteners. Crystal Light comes in several varieties, including fruity flavors, teas, caffeinated options, and Pure, which uses sugar and natural flavors and colors instead of artificial ones. General Foods is committed to aspartame and has launched the first Crystal Light flavors in tropical punch, cherry, grape, lemonade and orange.

However, Crystal Light Pure offers powders that use sugar and natural colors and flavors, without preservatives. When Crystal Light debuted in the early 80s, the world of artificial sweeteners was far from safe. Another ad showed a simulated dance routine with Raquel Welch (affectionately called Rocky), who mocks cans of Diet Coke and Pepsi in favor of a glass of Crystal Light. Crystal light is a delicious fruity powdered drink that adds flavor to water and maintains the drink low in calories.

While Crystal Light offers a tasty way to organize the day, it seems that most of its options contain several artificial sweeteners and colors that some people would want to avoid, especially in excess. While similar powdered drinks are known to be unhealthy, you might be wondering if Crystal Light is a better choice. There are a variety of other interesting ingredients in Crystal Light that look like artificial sweeteners to me. True Lemon contains no sweeteners or artificial flavors and therefore has more nutrients than Crystal Light.

Crystal Light Pure aims to be a natural version, made without sweeteners, preservatives or artificial colors.

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