How Many US States Have Wawa Stores?

Wawa, the convenience store and service station chain, is on a mission to expand its reach across the United States. The company has already opened 272 locations in its home state of New Jersey and is now focusing on opening more stores in Florida. In addition to this, Wawa is also shifting to a line of products that are healthier and of higher quality, such as fair-trade coffee, bean bowls, and brand-name products with no artificial ingredients or preservatives. The company is also looking to cover downtown Philadelphia with Wawa stores and has announced a Super Wawa for Northeast Philadelphia.

In Delaware County, Wawa has opened a new store on Thursday, bringing the total number of locations in the Garden State to 272. In 2024, Wawa will expand to its seventh state when it begins opening stores in North Carolina. This will be a big challenge for the company as its rival Sheetz already has more than 100 locations in North Carolina. Wawa will need to catch up in terms of brand value if it wants to compete with Sheetz. It's not hard to imagine that Wawa could expand even further in the next 20 years, potentially even opening novel outposts in places like London or Hong Kong.

This may seem like an exaggeration today, but 7-Eleven was once just Tote'm Stores in the Dallas area in the 1920s and now has more than 78,000 stores in 19 states and territories. Wawa is on a mission to become one of the most recognizable convenience store chains in the US and beyond. With its focus on healthier products and expansion plans, it's likely that Wawa will become a household name in many states.

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