Does chicago style pizza have sauce on top?

Chicago-style deep-dish pizza also changes the traditional structure of a pizza by pouring its sauce over the cheese. There are a few different theories about why Chicago-style pizza has sauce on top of it. One theory is that it was originally made this way to prevent the dough from getting soaked. This was before the invention of deep pans, so the sauce helped keep the dough from getting too wet.

This combination may seem strange to those who are used to lighter, more traditional pizza sauces, but the intensity of tomato sauce is what makes Chicago pizza so unique. The buttiest pizza dough on the planet, or at least the buttiest pizza dough I've ever had the pleasure of trying. This garlic-infused pizza sauce is prepared on the stove and, while waiting for the pizza dough to rise, it is simmered so that the flavors develop and the texture thickens.

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