What tips and tricks can help me get the most out of my blackstone flat top grill?

Tips and tricks for cooking on a Blackstone gridgeGather everything you need to cook. Slowly open the propane tank valve. Use the thermometer and adjust the heat adjustment knob. But most of the time I keep the fire at medium temperature.

The griddle will still get hot enough and the food will cook more evenly. This is especially true for things like eggs or pancakes. If the temperature is too high, they'll burn before you know what happened. Instead, you should learn to measure the temperature of your flat surface grill and whether it's too hot or too cold, depending on how the food reacts.

So, do you want to look like a pro so you don't get embarrassed when all your friends are watching the game and you're working on the grill? Of course, cooking on a flat surface grill with confidence comes with time and practice, but once you master these techniques, you'll be well on your way. If you're not used to cooking on a flat grill like Blackstone or Camp Chef, you might be a little nervous. In my experience, most beginners increase the temperature of the flat surface to the maximum for everything they cook on the flat surface. However, when cooking on the flat surface grill, the surface temperature of the griddle will fluctuate dramatically as you add colder foods and as those colder foods reach temperature.

Yes, the flat surface grill gets very hot (even at a low temperature), so you might be tempted to turn on just one burner. Don't be surprised if you have to adjust the flat top knobs several times when cooking a large amount of food. In fact, you can prepare sauces, broths or other more liquid foods by placing a pot or pan directly on the surface of the flat surface. I started cooking on a flat grill about 20 years ago as a cook in the U.S.

Navy. In the U.S., and while that grill was much larger than the Blackstone and Camp Chef residential flat grills, many of the same cooking techniques and tips apply. If you're thinking about buying a flat surface grill, or if you already have one but aren't realizing its full potential for fear of ruining it, then this post is for you. On the other hand, if the butter doesn't start to bubble and melt immediately when you add it to the grill, it's likely that your flat surface grill is too cold.

The flat surface grill is incredibly versatile (that's one of the things I like most about it), but you might think that you're just using the top of the griddle to cook your food. So I was already familiar with some tips and techniques for cooking on a flat surface grill, such as how to crush meat to be as thin as paper and how to keep griddle condiments looking fresh. Cooking on a flat surface grill is different from cooking on the kitchen stove or on a charcoal grill, so different rules apply. When I prepare pancakes in the Blackstone, I usually make a fruit compote to sprinkle it on top and, if I prepare it right on the flat top next to the pancakes, it's very easy to place them on the plate.

The most common question I get asked about using a flat grill is what temperature to cook at, and while that may seem simple enough, it really isn't.

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