McDonald's vs Jollibee: Which is Cheaper and Better?

When it comes to affordability, Jollibee is the clear winner. The meals they offer are competitively priced and mainly aimed at students and families. But when it comes to taste, McDonald's takes the lead. Their burgers are more delicious than Jollibee's, and their ice cream and chips are also superior.

We plotted the locations of Jollibee vs McDonald's in Metro Manila to get a better understanding of their respective stores. The maps below show quite interesting patterns. The figure illustrates the merger of the Jollibee and McDonald's branches, with the percentage values indicating their relationships to the total number of branches of each brand in Metro Manila. It's no coincidence that for every Jollibee branch you see, there's probably a McDonald's store just a few feet away.

The maps also suggest that both brands use similar strategies to “deploy their units, in this case, their branches to stay one ahead of the other”. Grey circles indicate that a Jollibee store in that specific area is within a hundred meters of a McDonald's branch. The following two maps show areas where distances between competing stores are relatively large, and some stores have no competition within a two-kilometer radius. Jollibee has managed to maintain market dominance over McDonald's in its home country, with nearly twice as many locations as McDonald's has in the Philippines.

However, McDonald's is still a great option for those who are chickens to try local delicacies, as you can find them almost anywhere in the world. All the information presented here is based on limited data available and is intended only for a general description of the topic. To conduct in-depth analysis, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive study. Pushpins is a GIS company based in the Philippines. For more information, log in here.

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