The Battle for Chicken Sandwich Supremacy: Who's Winning the War?

The chicken sandwich war has been raging for years, with more than 30 chains vying for the title of 'chicken sandwich supremacy'. From Popeyes' famous fried chicken sandwich to Burger King's Ch'King, the competition is fierce. But according to CivicScience data, Chick-fil-A is currently winning the war. With the widest reach and the greatest preference, they may seem untouchable.

McDonald's has always been a constant competitor in chicken, but its chicken sandwiches have never driven it to stardom the way the Big Mac did. However, they recently announced a major update to their chicken sandwich that is expected to be released nationwide later this year. Wendy's had the best performance of all non-chicken specialty restaurants, even with a slight advantage over KFC. Taco Bell also unveiled a one-of-a-kind main course in the war with its chicken sandwich taco.

The new Popeyes menu quickly appeared on social media and attracted the attention of YouTubers and news publications like Time, who said the sandwich lived up to expectations. Cobe also says that both Popeyes and Chick-fil-A play a part in the increase in the popularity of fried chicken, as well as the so-called war. But who will ultimately win this battle of hamburgers, ahem, sandwiches? Only time will tell.

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