Which Wawa Stores Sell Beer?

If you're looking to enjoy a cold beer with your favorite Wawa snacks, you're in luck. Wawa is now selling beer in 160 of its stores across the United States, including Pennsylvania. The convenience chain's CEO Chris Gheysens has confirmed that a handful of Pennsylvania locations already sell beer, such as the Wawa store at 2608 Chichester Ave. Wawa's beer supply is expanding to Bucks County, and the company is continuing to grow its presence in the alcohol market in Pennsylvania.

The Wawa store close to Chadds Ford is the first of its kind in the state and includes a 400 square foot seating area and a beer cave. The next Wawa beer stores are part of a strategy that is beyond proof of maturity, Gheysens told the Philadelphia Business Journal. You can also buy beer and drink one at the Wawa in Concord Township in Delaware County, which reopened after closing for renovations in February. In addition to the sale of beer, Wawa is collaborating with the Cape May Brewing Company to bring to stores a limited edition “Shore Tea”, a hard tea drink.

Buying a license from another business is always an option for stores like Wawa, as long as they are within county boundaries, because the PLCB does not remove existing licenses while they are still valid. When it comes to purchasing alcohol from Wawa stores, there are certain regulations that customers should be aware of. All customers must be 21 years or older and have valid identification when purchasing beer or other alcoholic beverages. Customers must also be aware that not all Wawa stores sell alcohol, so it's important to check with your local store before making a purchase. Wawa is committed to responsible drinking and encourages customers to enjoy their private label beer responsibly.

Limited-release labels and exclusive seasonal soaps are available for purchase at select locations. So if you're looking for a convenient way to purchase beer or other alcoholic beverages, look no further than your local Wawa store.

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