McRib is Back in 2021: Celebrating 40 Years of Deliciousness

It's been a while since McDonald's customers were able to sink their teeth into a juicy McRib, but the popular sandwich will return to the menu once again in just a few weeks. On Thursday, the fast-food chain announced that the fan-favorite sandwich will return annually in November to celebrate its 40th anniversary. McRib contains only 520 calories, of which 47% comes from fat, 35% comes from carbohydrates, and 18% comes from protein. To mark the sandwich's 40th anniversary, McDonald's announced a contest Thursday in which it will give away digital versions of the fan-favorite sandwich, almost as spicy as McRib himself.

The McRib has been on menus on and off for about 40 years and features a seasoned boneless pork burger wrapped in BBQ sauce, then served with shredded onions and dill pickles on a homemade bun. The unmistakable flavor of the seasoned boneless pork pie quickly made it a customer favorite when it first debuted in Kansas City, Kansas in 1981. November as possible to satisfy your McRib craving before it goes off the menus again. This will be the 40th anniversary of the launch of McRib, making a return to the national level the most likely scenario. The McRib officially goes on sale Monday, but some McDonald's restaurants have brought it soon.

When the hamburger chain talked about the arrival of the McRib, many Twitter users were on cloud nine, as it has been almost a year since the sandwich was last released for a limited time. Instead, companies like Starbucks and McDonald's rely on limited-time items to attract a flurry of customers, and that's why the McRib will never be on the permanent menu. Many diehard McRib fans came out of nowhere to declare their love for the sandwich, which is known for its boneless and seasoned pork and generous layer of barbecue sauce. For now, just make sure to do as many McDonald's races after November 1 as possible to satisfy your McRib craving before it goes off the menus again. And if it brings back fond memories of trying the first McRibs in the 1980s, you can also consider it an opportunity to reflect on what you've done with your life.

Still, some people were disappointed by the news and said they would like the fast food chain to bring back other popular items instead of the McRib.

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