How do i cook bacon on my blackstone flat top grill?

Turn the bacon strips over and continue cooking until they are done to your liking. It doesn't matter how you choose to place the bacon on the flat surface grill, horizontally or vertically. Before you start placing the bacon strips on the grill with a flat top, make sure the greasing bowl is clean and well placed in place. Although bacon is one of the easiest things to cook on a flat grill, most beginners get nervous because they're not used to the large cooking surface and extreme heat.

When the bacon is ready, you can use it in my recipe for Blackstone Smashed Cheeseburgers or Blackstone Quesadilla Burger. And if the temperature of the flat surface varies a bit outside that range, then it's no big deal. The newer Blackstone plates with Omnivore lids (from the Blackstone Culinary series) have two rubber stoppers on the back of the iron, where the greasing container is located. Bacon fat is a good fat that helps maintain the seasoning of the Blackstone griddle, so there's no need to use soap or water on the flat grill after cooking the bacon.

Bacon is truly one of the easiest foods to cook on the Blackstone griddle, as it has only one ingredient and cleaning is quite easy, especially if you have a good Blackstone griddle condiment. Depending on the outdoor grill you have, you may see a 75 to 100 degree difference between the right and left sides of the flat surface grill, even when all the knobs are turned at the same temperature.

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