The Wawa Goose: A Symbol of Canadian Identity

The small town of Wawa, Ontario is home to a unique symbol of Canadian identity: the Wawa Goose. This iconic monument was first erected in 1960, when three members of the local Chamber of Commerce – Al Turcott, Mel Phillips and Jerry Spreng – devised a plan to attract road traffic to the community. Unfortunately, the weather had taken its toll on the goose and it had become irreparable by February 1962. As a result, a competition was held to design a replacement. The Wawa Goose Monument is a beloved symbol of the city, and its importance is reflected in the fact that the community is now seeking financial help to pay for a new version. Wray says that all possible repairs have already been made to keep the existing monument in place, but that a new one is needed so that Wawa can hold on to what has become a symbol of the city. The original Wawa Goose was created by Mr.

Koci using chicken wire and plaster, and was financed mainly by Al Turcott. It was erected on September 17, 1960 during the official opening ceremony of the road. After 57 years with a giant bird by the road, Wawa was without a goose for about 24 hours this week, after the rusty steel bird was removed. Alex Patterson, deputy director of community services and tourism for Wawa Municipality, says there was no question of replacing the old rusty bird. The old goose is being stored in a secret location to prevent theft by souvenir hunters, but Patterson says they are considering giving parts of it to major donors.

The new Wawa goose will be unveiled during a Canada Day ceremony. The Wawa Goose Monument is an important symbol of Canadian identity and has become an iconic attraction in Ontario. It has been worn out by wind and weather conditions over the years, but its importance as an attractant for tourists remains unchanged. The new version of this beloved monument will be unveiled soon, ensuring that this symbol of Canadian identity will remain in place for many years to come.

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