McRib: The Iconic Sandwich's Limited Time Return

The McRib has been a staple of McDonald's menus for the past 40 years, and it's no surprise why. This delicious sandwich features a seasoned boneless pork burger, wrapped in BBQ sauce and topped with shredded onions and dill pickles, all served on a homemade bun. But unfortunately, it looks like we may have to start preparing to say goodbye to this fan favorite for now. The McRib's brief execution may seem almost criminal, as it only graces the menu for a mere six weeks.

But from a marketing standpoint, this limited-time offer makes perfect sense. By offering the McRib for such a short period of time, McDonald's is able to arouse fans and get people excited about the sandwich. If it were available year-round, the appeal would likely slow down. If you haven't had your fill of McRibs yet this year, make sure to plan an expedition to your local McDonald's soon and stock up while you can.

It looks like the end of this sandwich is near, and with some very apparent signs coming, we may have entered the last few weeks where we can easily catch a McRib. So move fast while you can, as we have no idea when McDonald's plans to take the sandwich off the menu again. When McDonald's announced the return of the McRib, many Twitter users were overjoyed, as it had been almost a year since the sandwich was last released for a limited time. On the occasion of its 40th anniversary, the McRib will be available nationwide on November 1 for a limited time only.

McRib's journey began in Kansas City, Kansas in 1981, where it quickly became one of the region's fan favorites before sweeping the country and becoming one of McDonald's most anticipated limited-time menus. The sandwich is known for its boneless and seasoned pork patty and its generous layer of barbecue sauce. If you have the McDonald's app, you may have received a reminder to place your McRib order shortly before it disappears. The McRib will be available in the United States on November 1 for a limited time at participating McDonald's restaurants through takeout, drive-thru, app orders and McDelivery. While many people would love for the McRib to be a permanent menu item, it doesn't seem likely to ever happen.

Still, some people were disappointed by the news and said they would like the fast food chain to bring back other popular items instead of the McRib. It's been a while since McDonald's customers were able to sink their teeth into a juicy McRib, but the popular sandwich will return to the menu once again in just a few weeks. So make sure to plan an expedition to your local McDonald's soon and stock up while you can - because when it comes to McRib season, you never know when it will end.

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