What is the Number 1 Fast Food Restaurant in the United States?

The US Customer Satisfaction Index recently released its list of the best fast food restaurants, and Chick-fil-A took the top spot for the seventh consecutive year. Einstein Bros. Bagels is renowned for its large slices of pizza found in every shopping mall, while Shake Shack has become an international megachain. Just because it's called “fast food” doesn't mean it has to be “inferior food.” Nowadays, there are plenty of options available, no matter where you live.

In-N-Out's 'secret' menu is no secret at all, as it even has a page on the California chain's website. But the not-so-covert items continue to garner a cult following from those who make the pilgrimage to the west to eat broken burgers and animal-style fries. Whataburger's orange and white stripes are almost as iconic as McDonald's golden arches, and their namesake burgers hit the spot. But Whataburger devotees will tell you that there is no better hangover cure than the butter-honey chicken biscuit.

And don't forget about Arby's classic Roast Beef and Beef 'n Cheddars, which have been around for 55 years. Ask any American what are the best fast-food restaurants in the country and you probably won't hear the same answer twice. Unless, of course, you're in Texas and the answer is always Whataburger. According to Ranker, here are the top 10 fast food restaurants in the country currently: Chick-fil-A, Panera Bread, Wendy's, Subway, Taco Bell, Five Guys, KFC, Arby's, McDonald's and In-N-Out Burger. Coming into the Top 10 is everyone's favorite burger chain in California who also loves to hate.

You have to admit that Animal Style is a delicious way to order a burger, but is it really such a good burger? We would argue that no. It must be the blizzards, right? Don't break our hearts anymore, DQ. Taco Bell has become one of the healthiest fast-food chains out there, and Americans can't get enough of their self-service service. For a burger that beats In-N-Out, Five Guys continues its tradition of crushing the mostly overblown West Coast burger chain. KFC is the only fried chicken chain on this list - Colonel Sanders might never have imagined KFC's popularity as a fast-food chain. Wendy's moved to third place in the list of the best fast food restaurants.

Last time, voters from North Carolina to Florida and Atlanta chose this classic American fast-food burger chain as the best. From the most retweeted tweet of all time to hilarious sign wars with tea companies across the street, Wendy's has been quietly delighting customers for years. I don't know who the 7,023 voters who ranked Subway as the second best fast-food restaurant in the country are, but Subway ranked far ahead of other sandwich chains like Jersey Mike's and Jimmy John's. However, these voters are sincerely mistaken - literally any fast-food restaurant except Subway would be better. With its iconic slogan of we have meats, Arby's offers a variety of meaty options. But unfortunately for this fast-food chain, they've had problems with a rumor about a special ingredient in their roast beef sandwiches - some said paste or gel or other mysterious things! According to Consumer Reports, 44% of Arby's customers plan to continue eating there. Fuddruckers has garnered a large number of loyal customers who turn to the chain for its juicy burgers and crunchy sesame buns - earning it a top-notch customer satisfaction rating on Technomic.

The cult favorite began in Washington DC in 1986 when former bond dealer Jerry Murrell and his family opened a burger joint named after Murrell and his four children. Pollo Campero is by far the smallest chain on this list - but diners love this casual chicken place! Pollo Campero was initially founded in Guatemala in 1971 and stands out from other top chicken chains like Wingstop and KFC. No matter what your favorite fast food restaurant is - whether it made this list or not - you can be sure that there are plenty of delicious options available! From classic burgers to fried chicken sandwiches to tacos - there is something for everyone! So next time you're looking for a quick bite to eat - why not try one of these top 10 fast food restaurants?.

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