How Many Jollibee Restaurants Are in Ontario?

The Filipino fast-food chain Jollibee has been rapidly expanding its presence in Canada, with the addition of two new stores in Mississauga and West Edmonton. This brings the total number of Jollibee stores in Canada to 16, and the total number of Jollibee stores in North America to 62. Ontario is home to six of these stores, located in Vaughan, Hamilton, Mississauga, Toronto, and two other locations. The most recent opening was on Yonge Street in downtown Toronto last month. Jollibee has also launched a mobile kitchen in Hamilton, Ontario, which is located on the southwest corner of the CF Lime Ridge shopping mall.

This mobile restaurant offers exclusive Jollibee dishes through online ordering, and is partnered with DoorDash, an online food ordering platform. The Jollibee Group has also signed a joint venture agreement with the Tim Ho Wan Group to open and operate Tim Ho Wan restaurants in mainland China. It is expanding the presence of its flagship brand Jollibee in Canada with the launch of a new mobile kitchen in Hamilton, Ontario, and a new store in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The 15-meter mobile kitchen allows Jollibee to expand its presence in existing and new markets, without the traditional overhead costs of opening a physical store.

At the fast-food brand's most recent openings in Edmonton and Calgary in August and September, people were so excited that they queued outside the stores before they opened just to try what Jollibee has to offer. Jollibee already has more than 1400 locations worldwide, including 17 in Canada in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. The new Jollibee restaurant has a self-service option for customers who want their Jollibee on the go, in addition to dining indoors. Before the end of the year, Jollibee will open five new stores, led by openings in San Antonio, Texas, and San Diego, California in the United States. If you're looking for a Jollibee restaurant near you in Ontario, you can select one from the list below or use the Jollibee store locator to find the nearest store.

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