What is a Jersey Style Sandwich?

The Jersey Joe Sandwich is a classic combination of roast beef, ham, Swiss cheese, coleslaw and Russian dressing. It's the only sandwich in New Jersey that goes by the name Sub. Although the origin of the name Sub is much disputed, one of the three popular legends claims that it was first coined in Patterson, New Jersey in 1910. Hoagie and Hero are two other names for the Italian sandwich that originated in Philadelphia and New York respectively. Sack O' Subs, with four substores in South Jersey, is adamant that the correct name for the sandwich in New Jersey is Sub.

If you walk into their store and order a sandwich, they'll jokingly remind you that you're now in Jersey and it's called Sub. Philadelphians who began migrating to South Jersey in the 1950s kept the name Hoagie for the popular sandwich. New Jerseyans love their food and the most popular sandwich in New Jersey is the Italian sandwich, although it's not called an Italian sandwich - depending on what part of the state you live in, it's called Hoagie, Hero or Sub. The people of North Jersey are largely influenced by the events and traditions of New York City and have roots in New York or travel to New York for work.

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