Can i use my blackstone flat top grill on an open flame or campfire?

A simple solution to these problems is a portable iron. A griddle is much safer than cooking over a fire. It's virtually dirt-free and can be ready to pack and use in no time. A camping iron allows you to cook meals throughout the day without having to turn on the fire, and you'll get better results when cooking just about any meal.

Using a Blackstone iron indoors is generally not recommended. The company Blackstone explicitly states that its flat surface grills are strictly for outdoor use. I have personal experience and first-hand knowledge of the best-selling Blackstone 36" iron and the Blackstone Griddle Air Fryer combination. Amid the safety issues related to the use of Blackstone irons indoors, the Blackstone E Series iron is presented as a reliable and safe alternative.

The competitive price of Blackstone grills is probably one of the main reasons why they currently dominate the market for flat surface grills. In that case, the top of the Blackstone griddle should be a nice glossy black color, indicating that the cooking surface is non-stick. The difference between a Blackstone griddle and a traditional grill has to do with the cooking surface. Another common frustration when cooking on a Blackstone griddle, or any other flat surface grill, is that food sticks to the surface of the griddle.

The double burners make it possible to take advantage of the heat distribution to cook in two areas on the flat surface griddle. On Blackstone grills and most other flat grills, gas burners placed underneath a laminated steel griddle heat the cooking surface evenly, providing a very large surface for preparing a wide variety of foods. One of the hardest things about cooking on a Blackstone griddle is getting the temperature right, and if you've never used a flat surface grill before, you might be surprised by the amount of heat. The 36-inch, 4-burner Blackstone griddle is one of the largest outdoor gas griddle on the market, and I love the large cooking area of the Blackstone.

The traditional Blackstone griddle is an outdoor cooking appliance that works with liquid propane and has a large, flat cooking surface. I love your videos Neal, they have taken me from novice to confident home cook with a flat surface over the past few years. To turn on the Blackstone iron, first turn on the propane in the fountain by turning the valve on the top of the propane tank. Thanks to their large flat surfaces and their ability to cook a wide variety of foods, irons such as the Blackstone are quickly becoming the equipment of choice for outdoor cooking, appearing both on the back covers of professional chefs and home cooks.

This is how the 36-inch Blackstone griddle was born, and with its large flat cooking surface, families could prepare fantastic meats, side dishes and even desserts while spending time together outdoors.

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