McDonald's McRib Sandwich: How Long Does It Last?

McDonald's limited-time menu items often last for approximately two months, and the McRib is no exception. The iconic sandwich is back on the menu, and it's generating a lot of buzz. Whether you love it or hate it, the McRib always creates a stir when it returns to menus after a period of absence. According to CNN, the novelty surrounding the McRib is an advantage that comes with its seasonal status, and it's the driving force behind its appeal.

Fast food companies know that having at least one seasonal item is good for business, as diners are more motivated to make time to buy something that's only available for a limited period of time. Plus, temporary dishes can add variety to a menu that has been based on the same staples for decades. On Thursday, McDonald's announced that the fan-favorite sandwich will return annually in November. But how long does it usually last? Business Insider reports that by bringing McRib back for a limited time, McDonald's sees good sales increase in its fourth financial quarter. The hamburger chain talked about the arrival of the McRib on Twitter, and many users were ecstatic as it had been almost a year since the sandwich was last released for a limited time. When the McRib made its debut in 1981, not many customers were attracted by its strong temptation.

McDonald's said that the “rise of the Internet and the emergence of social media” solidified McRib's icon status and “the hype” surrounding its annual return even gave rise to the phrase 'McRib season'. When the price of those tender pork trimmings starts to rise, McDonald's simply takes the McRib off the menu and disappears once again. This combination of cost control and marketing combines perfectly to make McRib a successful product. So if you want to satisfy your craving for this cult favorite sandwich, make sure to do as many McDonald's races after November 1 as possible before it goes off the menus again.

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